Church Staff

Interim Pastor: Dr. Robert Shehane

Brother Robert joined Bowles Baptist Church as Interim Pastor on August 26, 2018.  

He and his wife, Carel, were appointed missionaries in July 1973. After a year of language study in Tours, France, they moved to the island of Guadeloupe in the French West Indies where they worked in planting the Port Louis Baptist Church.  In 1978 Robert and Carel opened Southern Baptist work on the island of Martinique, also in the French Caribbean.  They transferred to the El Paso Baptist Spanish Publications in l980 where Robert was the French Publications Editor. After serving three years as pastor of Central Baptist Church in Tucson, Arizona, the Shehanes were reappointed to France, where Robert and Carel worked in new church starts in Clermont Ferrand, Toulouse and Nancy until 1995. They then returned to Guadeloupe in the French West Indies to train church planting teams to begin new work, and do leadership training.  In Feb. 1998, Robert joined the IMB home office staff as Associate Director of the Field Personnel Orientation Department at the International Mission Board's Learning Center at Rockville near Richmond, Virginia.  In 2003, the Shehanes returned to France where Robert served first as City Strategist for Paris, then as strategy leader for all of the Western Europe Region’s work in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. In October of 2007, Robert and Carel began their last stateside assignment, until they entered retirement effective May 1, 2008.  They have made their home in Grand Prairie, Texas.








Youth: Angie Lynch

Angie joined Bowles Baptist Church as the Youth Director in 2016.  She has been active working with Youth in Grand Prairie since 2009, formerly serving at Westridge Baptist Church.  She is dedicated to helping kids relate Biblical truths to their lives.

Angie and her husband, Steve, live in Grand Prairie and they have three children and one grandchild.